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Psychology 3300

Lifespan Development 3-0

CRN 80009

A survey of the psychology of human development from the pre-natal period through adulthood. Emphasis is placed on cognitive, motivational, and physiological processes of development across the lifespan. Prerequisite: a grade of C or higher in PSY 1300.

Note: This course duplicates credit earned for PSY 2315. If you have already earned credit for PSY 2315, you cannot earn additional credit by taking PSY 3300.

  • 7 assignments (online submission)
  • 2 exams (proctored)
  • Students in this course may submit no more than two assignments each week.
  • Textbook:
    • Sigelman and Rider, Life-Span Human Development, 7th ed., 2012. ISBN: 978-1-111-34273-9
  • Instructor: Shirley Ogletree, PhD
  • Tuition: $892.71 (This cost includes the online course fee.)

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