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Course Materials

Nearly all courses require a textbook. Some courses require additional materials such as calculators or video and audio materials.
Textbooks and other course materials can be purchased within thirty days of your enrollment from the  Texas State University Bookstore or an online vendor of your choice.

Purchasing Course Materials from the Texas State University Bookstore

On the Bookstore website, you can click on "Enter Courses" to be directed to course listings. Under "Select Department," select ODEL. Then select your self-paced correspondence course form the course listings.

Correct Editions of Course Materials

When purchasing required materials for a course from the Texas State Bookstore or another vendor, be sure to purchase the correct edition of the material and to verify that the material's International Standard Book Number (ISBN) matches that listed on the course website.


Should you require any assistance in locating course materials, please call the Office of Distance and Extended Learning at 512.245.2322.

Please keep in mind that all materials should be purchased within 30 days of enrollment; after 30 days, materials may no longer be available for your course.