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Six-Month Self-Paced Courses

TRACS Course Suspensions and Canvas Course Openings

Because of Texas State's transition from TRACS to Canvas as our learning management system for self-paced correspondence courses, enrollments for correspondence courses in TRACS were temporarily suspended, as courses have been in the process of transition from TRACS to Canvas.

Courses are re-opening in Canvas. Check the course listings for six-month courses below, to see if a course is suspended or if the course has re-opened in Canvas.

All correspondence courses are expected to reopen, with enrollment in Canvas, by Fall 2020.

For more information on Canvas and the migration from TRACS to Canvas, please visit the Department of Information Technology's Canvas Information webpage.

New or revised self-paced correspondence courses are offered in six-month enrollment periods. Find more information about our six-month courses on these pages: