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Psychology 3333

Industrial Psychology 3-0

CRN 80041
The study of applying psychological knowledge and techniques to the modern industrial environment. Topics studied include employee needs, attitudes, selection, testing, boredom, motivation, anxiety, and job satisfaction. Prerequisite:  a grade of C or higher in PSY 1300.
  • 10 assignments
  • 2 exams, proctored at a testing center
  • Students in this course may submit no more than two assignments each week.
  • Textbook:

Schultz and Schultz, Psychology and Work Today: An Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 10th edition, 2010. ISBN: 978-0-20-568358-1

  • Instructor: Krista Howard, PhD
  • Tuition: $838.74 (This cost includes the online course fee.)

Acquiring Course Materials

All required and optional course materials for both the print-based and online versions of this course are available through the Texas State University Bookstore. Select the current semester, and then select "ODEL" as the Department name.

This course is now available online!

To access the course website, contact the Office of Distance and Extended Learning. A $10-per-credit-hour online fee applies.

Before enrolling in this online correspondence self-paced course, take the Online Learning Readiness Self-Assessment, which will help you determine if online correspondence self-paced courses are a good fit for you.

Take a look inside this course

You may view the syllabus and a sample of the PSY 3333 online course before enrolling.