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Course Offerings

This is a complete listing of correspondence courses offered through this office. For more detailed course information, number of assignments and exams, and any necessary course media, click on the course title.

Note: Courses that are in production and not currently available are indicated.

The course numbering system has four digits for each course, with the first digit indicating the level of the course, the second digit showing semester-hour value, and the last two digits reflecting the departmental sequence. Thus, English 2330 is a sophomore-level course of three semester hours.

All writing-intensive courses are designated (WI).


ART 2313 Introduction to the Fine Arts Online Course

Business Law

BLAW 2361 Legal Environment of Business Available as either a print-based or online course

Criminal Justice

CJ 3329 Introduction to Forensic Evidence Online Course

CJ 4365 (WI) Comparative Criminal Justice Online Course


DANCE 2313 Introduction to the Fine Arts Online Course


ENG 1310 and 1320 are prerequisites to all other English courses.

ENG 1310 College Writing I Online Course

ENG 1320 College Writing II Online Course

Students must complete second-year requirements in English before taking any advanced courses in English.

ENG 2320 British Literature since 1785 (Course closed; currently in revision)

ENG 2340 World Literature since 1600 Online Course

ENG 2359 American Literature before 1865 Online Course

ENG 2360 American Literature since 1865 Online Course 

ENG 3311 (WI) Practices in Writing and Rhetoric: Magazine Writing Online Course

ENG 3315 (WI) Introduction to Creative Writing Online Course

ENG 3322 (WI) The European Novel Available as either a print-based or online course

ENG 3335 (WI) American Literature from 1865 to 1930 (print-based course)

ENG 3338 (WI) The American Novel (print-based course)

ENG 3368 (WI) The English Novel Online Course

ENG 3385 (WI) Children's Literature (print-based course)

Health Information Management

HIM 2360 Medical Terminology (print-based course)


HIST 2310 and 2320 are open to all students regardless of classification; thus, freshmen may take these courses and, at their option, delay American history until the sophomore year. However, it must be understood that HIST 2310 and 2320 will not satisfy the legislative requirement in American history, and students majoring in fields other than history would be well advised to begin with HIST 1310 or 1320.

HIST 1310 (WI) History of the United States to 1877 Online Course

HIST 1320 (WI) History of The United States, 1877 to Date Online Course

HIST 2310 (WI) Western Civilization to 1715 Online Course

HIST 2320 (WI) Western Civilization, 1715 to Date Online Course

HIST 3315 (WI) History of England I Online Course

HIST 3316 (WI) History of England II Online Course

HIST 3377 (WI) History of Country Music Online Course

HIST 4376 (WI) History of Texas Music Online Course

Mass Communication

MC 4382L Feature Writing Online Course


MATH 1311 Basic Mathematics (Course closed; currently in revision)

MATH 1315 College Algebra Online Course

MATH 1317 Plane Trigonometry (print-based course)

MATH 1319 Mathematics for Business and Economics I Online Course

MATH 2358 Discrete Mathematics I Online Course

MATH 5304 Topics in Mathematics for the Secondary School Teacher (Course closed; currently in revision)


MU 2313 Introduction to the Fine Arts Online Course


PHIL 1305 (WI) Philosophy and Critical Thinking Online Course

PHIL 1320 (WI) Ethics and Society Online Course

Political Science

POSI 2310 Principles of American Government (print-based course)

POSI 2320 Functions of American Government (print-based course)

POSI 3322 (formerly POSI 2323) Introduction to International Studies (print-based course)

POSI 4356 (WI) International Law (print-based course)


PSY 1300 is a prerequisite to all other psychology courses.

PSY 1300 Introduction to Psychology (print-based course)

PSY 2311 Psychology of Human Sexuality Online Course

PSY 3300 Lifespan Development Online Course

PSY 3315 Abnormal Psychology Online Course

PSY 3331 Social Psychology (print-based course)

PSY 3333 Industrial Psychology Online Course

PSY 4391 (WI) History and Theory Online Course


SOCI 1310 Introduction to Sociology (print-based course)

SOCI 3328 Complex Organizations (print-based course)

SOCI 3337 The Family (print-based course)


Students who begin SPAN 1410 toward general education requirements must also complete 1420.

SPAN 1410 Beginning Spanish I (print-based course)

SPAN 1420 Beginning Spanish II (print-based course)

SPAN 2310 Intermediate Spanish I Available as either a print-based or online course

SPAN 2320 Intermediate Spanish II Available as either a print-based or online course

Theatre Arts

THA 2313 Introduction to the Fine Arts Online Course