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Course Completion Guidelines

Your enrollment in a six-month self-paced course begins once our office confirms your registration and you submit payment. It is your responsibility to understand the individual course-time constraints to complete a course within your personal timeline (i.e., graduation, employer deadline, etc.). A course is completed when the final exam is taken, or for courses without a final exam, when the final assignment is submitted. Failure to complete the course before your enrollment period expires will cause you to forfeit the right to complete the course. If you still need the course credit, you must enroll again, pay the full fee, and begin with the first lesson. If the course has been revised, different textbooks and course materials may be required. If the course is no longer available at the time your enrollment expires, you will not be able to re-enroll.

Final Exam Grading Time

Texas State students taking the final exam on campus, with TREC or at the Round Rock Campus, should schedule testing a minimum of two weeks before they need the grade to be posted to their transcript. Students who have a final exam proctored off-campus should allow four weeks for the final grade to be posted to their transcript.

Graduation Deadlines

A Texas State correspondence self-paced course qualifies towards graduation requirements based on the date the course is completed, not the date you receive your final grade in the course.
Course Completion Date Graduation Semester
January 1 - May 31 Spring
June 1 - August 31 Summer
September 1 - December 31 Fall