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Course Offerings

This is a complete listing of correspondence self-paced courses offered as six-month self-paced courses. Unlike other correspondence self-paced courses offered through the Office of Distance and Extended Learning, these courses only allow up to six months for completion. For more detailed course information, number of assignments and exams, and any necessary course media, click on the course title.

The course numbering system has four digits for each course, with the first digit indicating the level of the course, the second digit showing semester-hour value, and the last two digits reflecting the departmental sequence. Thus, English 2320 is a sophomore-level course of three semester hours.

Writing-intensive courses are designated (WI).


ENG 2320 British Literature since 1785 Online Course (This Course is a Six-Month Self-Paced Course)


BIO 1330 Functional Biology Online Course (This Course is a Six-Month Self-Paced Course)